Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike

Want to have a good quality exercise bike for your gym without any storage issue? Then Sunny health & fitness folding recumbent bike could be a perfect choice for you. It has amazing folding frame system for easy storage and displays features to show accurate time, speed, distance and how much calories you have burned. Unlike others, this steel and plastic combined bike come with adjustable magnetic resistance and adjustable seat can be fitted to different user’s heights. Also for the safety, it includes nonskid foot pedals with straps so your feet stay secure and relaxed.

In this review article, you are going to have all the details about Sunny health & fitness folding recumbent bike like its features, at a glance, reviews pros and cons etc.

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike

Easy storage system

Like its name Sunny health & fitness folding, the recumbent bike can fold and store very easily. It's made out of quality steel and plastic materials. This combination and the design make it lightweight, easy to store and movable. Moreover, the dimension of the bike is 44.29 X 32.28 inches so you can imagine how much fewer spaces it can be taken when it's not folded. And when it folded it become so tiny to see and seems like anywhere can be kept. So whenever you want, after completing your exercise, you can fold the bike and store it any corner of your gym or other storage room in the house.

Amazing Display Features of Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike

Sunny health & fitness folding recumbent bike also includes with various information display features. You can always update with the information like how much time did you spend during exercise or how much calories did you burn. Also, this convenient display unit shows the accurate speed of your cycling and what distance you had met during the workout. So you can follow your daily calories burn routine more easily or at least you can count all the information while exercising.

Adjustable Seats

Sunny health & fitness folding recumbent bike has and adjustable seat which can be fit for the different type of users who have different height and weight. So all the member of your house can use this bike for exercise just by adjust the seat. Also, the seat and the seat back are made of leather and foam. So this cushioned seats and set back will give you much more comfort during the exercise which other backless seat bikes never could.

Safe Safety and Comfort

Sunny health & fitness folding recumbent bike featured with nonskid foot pedals with straps. This is for your safety and comfort. It never let your feet fall apart from the paddle so you can exercise more comfortably all the time.

Provide Extra Comfort

This exercise machine designed for providing extra comfort with all other genuine workout services. All the handles both primary and secondary, seat, seat back are soft cushioned and well made for comfort. Also, it has two handles on the sides of the seat so you can cycle without holding the primary handle. It gives the opportunity to exercise with relax and comfort also it gives your variety during the workout.

At a Glance

    • Smart ergonomic design with folding frame
    • Easy to use and easy to store
    • Includes with display feature to show time, speed distance and calories
    • Adjustable cushioned seat with seat back also
    • Includes tension controller
    • Secure with nonskid system with straps
    • Adjustable magnetic resistance system
    • Lightweight compares then other machines
    • Sweet and smart pink, silver, and black color combination
    • Small in size
    • Affordable price
    • Comes with manufacturer warranty

Things We Like

    • Can be placed in a small space
    • Easy to store anywhere
    • Useful display settings for speed, distance, time, and calories
    • Noise free actions while running
    • Adjustable seat height for anyone
    • Easy to move anywhere
    • Comfortable to use
    • Never slips the feet

Things We Didn't Like

    • The seat of the bike seems uncomfortable after passing some hours.
    • Recumbent handles are too close to the seat which seems uncomfortable for some people.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Que- Does this folding bike comes assembled?

Ans- No, you have to assemble the pedals, handle bars and seat and it’s not so complicated to do.

Que- Can I pedal back when exercise?

Ans- Yes.

Que- What is the weight of the bike?

Ans- 40 pounds.

Final Verdict

This bike is designed and built for providing great work out service with maximum comfort. Also, it specially designed for easy storing and moving so that, one could have an exercise machine for his small place at a reasonable price. Moreover, it can add your daily exercise routine a lot of fun, comfort and passion. On these factors, Sunny health & fitness folding recumbent bike is great for any person.


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