Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Reviews & Buying Guide

The Nautilus R614 recumbent bike can gives your workout an incredible dimension. It includes a large and relaxing seat and seat belt, dual track display with two high-resolution LCD monitors. Also, it offers you different types of huge programs, resistance and 2 user profiles. It shows you all the necessary information while you need for a workout and allows you to submit your data to compare your goal of body fitness program.

In this review article, we are going to show all the detail information about nautilus R614 recumbent bike after quite a research about exercise bikes.

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Dual Display And Data Import Capacity

The nautilus R614 recumbent bike can provide you all the necessary data as you need for you. It has 2 large LCD windows to display all the information. It has 22 different programs which include 1 quick start, 2 fitness, 8 heart rate, 9 profile test and 2 custom programs. Also, it will show you how long you have been starting the exercise, what distance you have made with the speed. Moreover, it has grip heart beat so you can measure the heart rate anytime. You can import the previous data and the machine can show you a analyze report of your goal program and your present conditions. Moreover, you can send the data to comparison or data exports on the My Fitness Pal and Nautilus Connect portal.

Nice And Smooth Operation

We know treadmill or bike machines are makes noise during the exercise. If it is in a commercial or personal gym then noise might be acceptable but when you exercise on your room next to your family members then the noisy operation may be not a good idea. The nautilus R614 recumbent bike is totally noise free because of its high-quality motor and smooth paddling system. You can cycling and watch a movie without any interruption. Even you can start your exercise early in the morning without intercepting summons sleep.

Great sound system

Most of the high capacity exercise bike includes the speaker to providing sound. Because most of the people are love to listening music during the exercise. And the nautilus R614 recumbent bike has an acoustic sound system to providing good quality of sound system. You just have to connect your smart device to the USB port and it will ready to play al of your favorite track for unlimited time.

Nautilus R614 recumbent bike At a glance

    • Includes 2 user profile, 22 exercise program, 20 levels of resistance.
    • Display- Dual LCD display which gives information about 13 different exercise details including time, speed, distance, burn calories heart rate etc.
    • Charging USB port.
    • Acoustic chambered speakers.
    • Data exchange facilities
    • Grip heart beat.
    • Cool and comfortable large vented seat.
    • For adjustment and lock the seat it includes sliding seat rail system.
    • Eddy current resistance- 20 levels.
    • High speed and inertia parameter weighted flywheel to movement.
    • Includes water bottle holder and a media tray.
    • Big size crossbar tubing for stability.
    • To you cool it includes 3-speed fan.
    • Warranty- 10 years frame, 2 years mechanical,1 year electrical, 90 days labor.
    • Weight capacity maximum 300 lbs.

Things We Like

    • Smart and impressing designed and well programmed.
    • It includes with different kind of useful programs like 1 Quick Start, 9 Profile, 8 Heart Rate, 2 Fitness Test, and 2 custom.
    • Cooling and comfortable seat and seat back. Both the are contoured and supports your lower portions.
    • 2 display setting for necessary information of exercise. If you keep your tabs or magazine on the main display the second display will show you all the updated information.
    • Include a sealed acoustic chambered speaker, which is better in quality and play great music.
    • The bike has a media tray and water bottle holder.
    • Easy to move for it transport wheels.
    • You can keep update about your progress and focus on your fitness goals by goal tracking and data exports on the Nautilus Connect portal and My Fitness Pal.
    • Run smooth and silently.

Things We Didn't Like

    • Require big place to store.
    • It’s a quite heavy machine.
    • Side handles are pretty thick so it's hard to get a very good grip.

Que- Do I need any A/C adaptor to connect my tab to this bike?

Ans- No, it’s included with the bike.

Que- Can this bike connects with Bluetooth?

Ans- No it's not.

Que- Does it include with the oversized deluxe pedal?

Ans- No.

Final Verdict

This bike can provide the best, efficient and silent operation compared than any other exercise bike. It includes many types of fitness program, settings, parameters and other necessary elements. Although, it’s comfortable to sit and exercise for a long time. The seats are vented so it never gets too much warm after a long time exercise. Also, it is very easy to assemble and require low maintenance. So if you are looking for a huge capability exercise bike with all of the upgraded features then you can choose the nautilus R614 recumbent bike.


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