Marcy Upright Mag Bike Reviews & Buying Guide

The Marcy upright mag bike is a stylish, effective, low maintenance bike you will ever own. It can give you the perfect comfort, flexibility rather than any others. The bike specially made to meet your needs like, easy transporting, placing and storage issues, working capacity and much more. It will require very small space to store or place. So you can keep it anywhere in your gym or house including your small bedroom. It also shows all the information about time, speed, distance or burned calories while you are cycling one the machine.

So, after quite a research about exercise bikes, we have gathered all the necessary information in this review article, about the Marcy upright mag bike as a great option for your workout machine.

Marcy Upright Mag Bike

Comfortable Fit

The Marcy upright mag bike can give you the facility to having an effective aerobic workout. This tall cycle has height adjustable foam seat. It helps you to achieve a perfect fit and gives you the comfort of sitting for a long time. This bike you the comfort not only sitting but also when you are paddling. That is why the bike has smooth magnetic resistance with eight level of preset manual resistance for working more comfortably.

Easy read computer screen

The Marcy upright mag bike will provide you all the information you need on its computer screen. Yes, it has a real-time easy readable computer screen to show you all the accurate time, speed and distance about your exercise. It also displays that how many calories did you burned so, when you are on a health program you can easily know about your present condition of exercise and take steps on these information bases.

Adjustable tension & Seat

The bike has the facility to increase and decrease the intensity of your ride. Yes, you can adjust the tension level anytime you need. From low to high or 1 to 8 the tension ill increase so does the resistance. You will need more energy to push the paddles. If you are beginners then try with level. It requires no extra energy to paddling and quite comfortable. And gradually increase the resistance and so do your exercise time.

Like another exercise bike, it also has an adjustable seat for exercise. The Marcy upright mag bike may seems longer but short or medium people can also ride on this bike just adjusting the seat level. If the seat rod does not have enough holes to adjust you can drill a hole into the rod and adjust the seat level

Marcy upright mag bike At A Glance

    • Made of steel, PVC and rubber
    • Smooth magnetic resistance system
    • 8 level of resistance
    • Height Adjustable seat
    • Foam covered contoured handle bars
    • Molded ABS with two-tone painted finish
    • Durable powered cat frame
    • Smooth magnetic resistance
    • 2 x 2 inches round 14 gauge tubing
    • Adjustable foot straps
    • Counterbalance paddles
    • Includes transport wheels
    • Very cheap in price 3 color variations- black, gray, copper
    • Ergonomic and stylish design
    • Easy to move anywhere
    • Easy to assemble
    • Computerized display for showing real-time, speed, distance, calorie burned
    • Does not require much space fro place or store
    • Dimension- 9 25 x 20 inches
    • Weight- 41 pounds
    • Comes with 2 years of warranty (limited)

Things We Like

    • The bike is very sturdy.
    • Makes with high-quality materials.
    • Easy to move anywhere.
    • Easy to assemble.
    • Its magnetic flywheel changes resistance very smoothly.
    • Many programs to keep a variation of workout and reach your goal of weight loose. Also, I work to on manual settings.
    • This bike is very sturdy.
    • Made out of high-quality materials.
    • Easy to move anywhere for its transport wheels.
    • Clear and accurate riding of necessary information.
    • Nice and stylish design.

Things We Didn't Like

    • Does not come to any seat back
    • Little noisy

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Que- what is the weight limit on this bike?

Ans- around 300 lbs.

Que- can I paddle standing on this bike?

Ans- yes you can.

Que- how about its resistance?

Ans- its resistance is good. But how higher you set, the greater you sweat.

Final Verdict

The bike can fulfill all of your need of exercise within a minimal budget and space. It is stylish, easy to move and provide all the flexibility you want. This bike is good for reverse or stands to paddle too. It may seem noisy because it runs without any motor power. All single and multiple users can easily use this bike on the house or gym. Moreover, the bike always keep you update about your exercise condition through its computer display. So you can now easily get yourself a perfect exercise partner like the Marcy upright mag bike.


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