Essential Workout Equipments for your home – Reviews

Looking for some gym equipments for your workout? Then you can consider given all these essential workout equipments for your suitable home gym. You know, nowadays everybody goes crazy about body fitness, muscle building, gym equipment and so on. First of all, every body should work out for getting a healthy body. Like others, workout equipment challenges your balance and help you to burn more calories. They also increase you cardio activities and build body muscles.

You will never need a huge number of tools for exercising. Having few key pieces of tools is enough. So be smart about what you choose for your exercise.

Essential Workout Equipments

What should you need for your daily exercise?

Many workout equipments available for your home gym. All they serve the various purposes. So first find out what is your aim for body building. You should think about burning more calories than what are you consuming. If it’s if for weight loose then exercise with, those are Essential Workout Equipments

  • Treadmill
  • Indo-row rowing machine
  • Stationary bikes
  • StepMill
  • Elliptical machine
  • Kettlebells
  • Resistant bands etc

If you want to do daily casual exercises then, using of one or two machine listed above is enough. Also, you can do free hand exercise like yoga aerobics etc. Daily 30 min exercises are good enough give the benefit to your health fitness. If you are patients of heart, BP, diabetics or chronic pain etc you should concern with your doctor before starting any exercise especially machine exercises.

Or else it’s for muscle building then, these are Essential Workout Equipments

  • Dumbbells
  • ViPR
  • Treadmill
  • Indo-row rowing machine
  • Stationary bikes
  • StepMill by Stairmaster
  • Elliptical machine
  • Kettlebells
  • Resistant bands
  • Punching bag
  • Suspension trainer and may others

So first of all, consider your purpose; think about your budget options and necessary things before thinking of buying any essential workout equipment for your home gym. In my previous articles, I have been talked about many essential instruments, their work and other different things to consider for your home gym. So here, I am going to tell about some simple, elegant, low budget Essential Workout Equipments . All of them are effective and can be used for all groups of exercisers.

Resistance Bands

This comes with different resistance level. It helps you to build your body muscles. Like the hand, weights rubberized resistant bands also improve the hand muscle groups. Resistance bands are very useful all level of exercises. It depends on your ability what type of resistant equipment band is suitable for you. If you are beginners then choose a medium-strength and gradually increase the resistance.

As a result of folding it end-to-end or shortening the band closer to the anchor, the resistance of the band will increase more. So make it little easier, fixed its one end to the anchor point. Then hold it’s another end in your other hand besides folding it. You can slide it under heavy furniture and simply put a tight knot in the band for the low anchor. Or just put the tight knot securely in your door for the high anchor. Every time you begin with this be sure the band is extended.

Maximizing muscle toning and to be safe you have to learn to control everything. Once you have reached the top of the move, pause for a while the let band slowly. Do as same for some while, take a break and do it again. Work out with the resistant band when you are working on weight loose or body-sculpting can give great results.

Stability Ball

You can use this on AB workouts, stretches or used in conjunction with hand weights. When you lay on a stability ball or sit, you engage all the muscles in your core. It gives your body support and helps you work on your way. Moreover, you can get more defined abs, healthy spine and toned body with defined posture. Using of stability ball will help you to lessen your body pain.

Stability balls come with different size for different height of people. Here is a list to check which stability balls go with your height.

Height                     Ball Size

  • 4′ 6 ”  or under         30-cm
  • 5′ 1″ to 5’7″                 55-cm
  • 5′ 8″ to 6′ 2″              65-cm
  • 6′ 2″                            75-cm


It quite looks like a cannonball. But the exception is, it has a handle, others are similar with a cannonball. This small but effective workout equipment increase building coordination and the challenge of exercise. Because when you work with kettlebells its center of gravity shifts and intended for total body moves. For that, it’s a good element of cardio exercise.

If your aim is to build muscles, than choose basic cast- iron bells. Otherwise, choose vinyl covers and non-sticky bases for overall exercises.


Many people may not know of this workout equipment. But those are known, they consider it’s a cool thing to exercise. It seems like a PVC pipe and almost unbreakable. You can drag it, throw. Flip or swing it roughly. But still, it remains the same. This equipment is made for total active body workout. It increases your body balance, agility, and strength. It’s made out of rock solid rubber and comes in many weights. If, you are beginners then start with some light ViPR like 8 kg. If you are over sure about your fitness or want to increase the level then go for 20 kg. But first one is suitable for all and long time users.

Workout DVDs & Heart rate monitor

These are not actually must be needed. But still, all of them are essential for you to work. Many of us know little or some experience about exercise. So whoever starts they are exercise can get the help of exercise DVD. Many tutorial DVDs of workout is available in online. Therefore, to know proper steps and postures you can take the help of these.

With the help of a heart monitor, you can beware of your heart rate, BP and how much calorie did you burn. Too much exercise can lead to burn out, exhaustion and injury. Or else not working enough can distract you form reaching your goal. So be update about your body condition after exercising.

There is a lot more equipments are available in market for the gym loves. Those are selected for here, are cheap, flexible and very efficient. You can have other multiple equipments for the exercise or use one machine that can serve most of the exercise postures. If you don’t have any budget problem, than have a multi-purpose machine. The choice is yours. So be cheerful, eat healthy, sweat more in the gym with your perfect and Essential Workout Equipments .


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